Balanced Seat Lessons

We love to share our love of horses with you! At the beginning of each lesson you will brush and saddle the horse you'll be riding, this also gives you the opportunity to learn about horse care and behavior. During your time in the saddle, you'll be learning the fundamentals of riding and safely.  After your lesson you'll be responsible for taking care of your horse, with assistance, and giving them a treat for all of their hard work! You'll not only develop your riding skills but have great horsemanship too!


*Limited lesson horses available*

Riding Lessons

Dressage Lessons
Dressage lessons are all taught with a classical approach. Whether you are looking into dressage for the first time to see what it is all about or have aspirations of riding Grand Prix, we have the training you need. Through classical dressage riders are taught how to use their balanced seat and position to develop a correctly moving horse. This will allow the horse to develop strength and balance needed to move up the levels. Classical dressage training creates healthy and happy horses and develops partnerships between horses and riders. If you are ready to create a harmonious partnership with your horse you've come to the right place! Dressage will help you have a better understanding of the horses balance as well as to become clearer in your communication as a rider.
Jumping lessons
Jumping lessons can be either private or semi-private lessons. We do have limited lesson horses to learn to jump on. The focus in jumping lessons is on balance and position. Correct balance and jumping technique is key to a great jump. Learning to jump is so much fun! We would love to share how fun and rewarding jumping can be! Please speak with Diane if jumping interests you, so you can develop a plan for success together!
If you already know how to jump and would like to better yourself or your horse, Diane would love to work with you as well! If you are interested in showing, we are currently showing though PTS and IDCTA.